About The Salus Project

The Salus Project is an independently organised group of artists who address issues of health through artistic practice.

Founded by Dr Graham Cates, Nurse Anita Cates and a group of several artists, the Salus Project was created for artists to express themselves in all five areas of wellness: spiritual, financial, physical, emotional and social.

Salus means wellness. Several times a year, art shows are curated based on different dimensions of Wellness and Health, and they encourage young artists to participate.

In the summer of 2011, the Salus Project was created out of a desire to provide a bridge between art/beauty and health/wellness. The Salus Project invites artists to create art to increase awareness and positive changes in the artist and the wider community.

The Salus Project has collaborated with several organisations and many projects to highlight five dimensions of wellness, heart health, HIV/AIDS and diabetes.

“These initiatives are all interconnected to our core values of health and wellness,” said Dr Cates. “We want to provide as many different opportunities for The Bahamas to become aware of and engage in meaningful conversation that will result in positive behavioural changes of a healthy Bahamas.”
For more information on health issues and solutions, connect to familymedicinecenter.org