Notes from the Artist.

"I am just a man on a journey. A path of challenges, lessons and triumphs. Inspired by it all, each piece I create explores a piece of myself. My creative endeavors are essential to my journey. My aim is for my audience to reflect, feel and seek answers that keep us connected to our reality. I must create or I will die." 


Born in 1987 in Grand Bahama, The Bahamas. He was
always interested in art as a child. Benjamin received his AA
Art and B. Ed. Art K-12 from The College of Bahamas. His
art addresses simple views of life as well as important issues
that we all have encountered in some way. He has exhibited in
New Providence and Grand Bahama, The Bahamas. In 2017,
Benjamin was nominated for The Elevation Awards' Visual
Artist of The Year. He is currently the President of the Grand
Bahama Artists Association, teaches visual art at a local senior
high school and Has participated in several Salus Project Exhibitions.