Charlthorn Strachan Self Portrait

Artist biography

At an early age Charlthorn Strachan born 1991, Nassau, Bahamas discovered a profound interest in art.   He participated and earned many honors and distinctions in several group exhibitions and competitions; including Central bank of the Bahamas art exhibition 2010 – 2012 , National Art Gallery  of the Bahamas showcases and

The Salus Project 2012 – 2014 

Artist Statement

My work has experience dramatic changes over the years, as I grew in understanding the way of the world, I created pieces that depict my emotions and interpretations of the environment. I have a realistic style in painting social and physical landscapes. However, I currently  explore deconstructing this realism. I often juxtapose shapes, figures and colors in my works.

My Artwork is influenced by the Bahamian culture, in the areas of finance religion and festivities.