Kevvanna Hall was born in Freeport, Grand Bahama and later moved to Nassau in 2003. From the age of three to present, she has always been an artist; her medium being dance. She uses her body as a paintbrush and the dance floor as her canvas, creating art from inner feelings. Kevvanna is as a dance instructor/choreographer. She is also a member of the REACH Bahamas program and volunteers her services to kids with autism in the Bahamas. Hall also performed in an exhibition called “Prestonism”, which is a collaboration of dance and visual art. This inspired her to explore more avenues for her creativity. Her work has been displayed  in the The Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation Ball, Family Medicine Center (Bahamas), the Central Bank Art Competitions and various Salus Project exhibitions. She is the owner of two businesses, an entertainment company called “Rhythm in Motion Studio” and an art casting business called “Kevvanna Keeepsakes”.

Artist statement
I am a versatile artist and I see myself evolving from a dancer to painter,  mixed media to graphic art. I am versatile but I am truly interested in dance. Eventually dance has pointed me into the three-dimensional realm, using found objects to make political statement. My work has been influenced by many regional and international artist and art  movements.